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Family Law Reform Kills Conjugal Rights.

Family Law – proposed changes in bill by Brandis…

The Family Law Act gives judges the power to “relieve’’ a husband or wife from “any obligation to perform marital services or render conjugal rights’’.
Attorney-General George Brandis yesterday introduced a bill to abolish “misleading and unnecessary wording that suggests that conjugal rights and an obligation to perform marital services still exist in Australian law’’.

The law changes also give Family Court judges new powers to throw out “frivolous or vexatious’’ complaints made by “warring” partners. This is aimed at better protecting victims of family violence from being further abused by court processes or applications.
Also addressed in the family law proposed changes are:

(a) Separated parents will no longer have to consult each other about minutiae of parenting, such as what a child eats or wears – the reforms confine consultation to “major long-term issues’’.

(b) Courts that deal with family violence or child protection matters will be given new powers to rule on parenting and property disputes at the same time, without referring the case to the Family Court; and

(c) Police will be able to charge offenders who breach a Family Court personal protection order, so victims no longer need to take civil action.
See the link to the article in the daily telegraph here.

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